With energy costs constantly on the rise, it's never been a better time to install a ceiling fan in your home or office.  In addition to the economic value, there is something aesthetically pleasing about a room with a ceiling fan.  After hundreds of ceiling fan installations, Interstate Electrical Contractors knows:
  • Offer a great alternative to expensive energy bills, maximizing your home’s central air system.
  • Not only look great in bedrooms and living rooms but, help with proper ventilation and healthy indoor air quality.
  • Provide a cool breeze or warm air depending on the season with the progression of efficiency and design.
  • Different ceiling fans are on the market mean different factors to take in such as room size, ceiling height and the designs.
  • Cut your utility bill significantly, saving you lots on energy costs!

If you’re thinking about adding a ceiling fan to a room in your home or business then it will be best to purchase a ceiling fan first and then call an electrical contractor to evaluate the job. Interstate Electrical Contractors will install ceiling fans at any height in your home. Our electricians have specialized ladders that can reach even the highest ceilings safely and without damaging your floors or walls. 

Hiring our licensed experts to complete a ceiling fan installation provides:
  • Properly wired electrical cables for a safe installation.
  • Securely installed fans in place for a good fit.
  • Adherence to any building codes in place.
  • Consulting with a licensed electrician for information on the best placement and care for a fan.
  • Indoor and outdoor fan care and services.
  • A better peace of mind knowing the job has been done with the utmost in efficiency and professionalism.
Ensure your ceiling fans are properly installed with Interstate Electrical Contractors
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